Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Work, A Great Lunch, A Surf Lesson, and a Precise Canon Imprint (06 FEB 2009)


today is dedicated pretty much entirely to local Waikiki activities: A surf lesson, several hotel inspections, a special Mork lunch tradition, and more of Kanoe's hula.

The order got a little messed up because our rather famous surf instructor failed to show for reasons unknown (except to say he is 'always on time'...except today...). So, the 8:30AM lesson became a 2:30PM lesson, which turned out to be a mixed blessing. The 'blessing' part had to do with being achy for only the latter half of the day. The 'mixed' part involved Camilla having to apologize for conducting her hotel room inspections wearing a lycra skin (surf shirt), pareo, and bandana, in lieu of the usual and more 'proper' business casual attire...fortunately, it was mid-day in Waikiki, so thankfully it all worked out ok...

Getting Pumped up for Surfing:

A Fancy Lunch Amongst Japanese Wedding Couples (first the succulent photos, then video):


Having hoped earlier in the day (see end of lunch video) that everything would be 'pono' with regards to this surfing situation, it turned out we got everything we'd hoped for - and then some. Our very surf instructor was so pono, that Pono was, in fact, his very name. Was surfing quite as easy? Not quite, but it wasn't too bad. The bad part was the 'everything we had hoped for "and then some"'. Let's just say that we quickly discovered that surfers very much EARN their lats and deltoids and generally well-muscled overall sexy appearance.

...And, isn't it funny when, after engaging in a certain - usually new -activity, you just TOTALLY KNOW there will be some considerable hell to pay when the body eventually overcomes the initial shock and suddenly awakens from the heinous assault amassed upon it on an otherwise fun, lovely, and delightfully sunny afternoon? Steve, for one, left his 'personal crime scene' in an elated adrenaline-driven boyant state of absolute delight, very well aware of the nearly perfect imprint on his lower right rib cage of the entire Canon waterproof camera case (including the complete strike plate) acquired during the split second when the wretched thing relentlessly inserted itself between his ribs and the surfboard just as he came to land upon it...
...and Camilla will have to converse with the Higher Heavens, in the days to come, and attempt to account and beg forgiveness for the complete pallette of 'bruise' decorating her left knee in particular...oh yes, there will be hell to pay no doubt. We'll gladly keep you posted :)

Nothing like a good strong Mai'tai and a little mesmerizing hula to delay penance and postpone the absolutely inevitable arrival of reality...

And then Kanoe's mezmerizing hula to erase some of our more recent 'muscle memories':

And the remainder of that generous hotel 'room credit' (Chocolate is good for healing!):

Tomorrow is yet another day.
A hui hou (we hope :)
Kepani & Kamila...Kahana...moku...maybe...

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